Hip hop with a smiling face

Rap in Vietnam takes a gentler, more poetic approach than the American model. Read at the South China Morning Post..

Fastest predators in the US

The average human running speed is about 12 to 15 miles per hour – not quick enough to outrun the fastest animal predators in the U.S.

The most formidable North American animals pair fearsome hunting abilities with phenomenal speed. These predators are faster than their prey, and they use their gift wisely.

Check out the 5 fastest animal predators in the U.S. Read at the Adrenalist..

Archery tag: the new sport that could replace paintball

Archery tag distinctively mixes the verve of paintball with the skillset of archery – for this extreme combination, your dexterity needs to be absolutely perfect. Read at the Adrenalist..

Alex Honnold climbs Yosemite in National Parks epic challenge

For the National Parks Epic Challenge, legendary climber Alex Honnold took on Half Dome, El Capitan and Mount Watkins – all that Yosemite had to offer.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Best bouldering hotspots in the US

The sport of bouldering involves using no ropes or harnesses – just the boulder itself.

Check out the best bouldering locations in the U.S.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Take on Antarctica ice snorkeling

Australian adventure company, Aurora Expeditions, is now offering an entirely new twist on snorkeling – jumping into the frigid ice water of Antarctica and exploring amongst the penguins, seals and whales of the White Continent. Read at the Adrenalist..

The menu tricks that tap more than your appetite

Make no mistake: a menu is a manipulative document meant to make you spend more money than you anticipated. Blame the persuasive influence of a burgeoning trend called menu engineering: strategic tweaking designed to drive sales.

Especially if you are hungry, you may well be swayed by the guile of a menu engineer bent on bending your mind and denting your wallet. So here is an audit of some top menu mind games exposed by psychologists and catering industry insiders.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Varibike: the bike you pedal with your hands

Normally, riding a bike means a lower-body workout, but with the Varibike, you can get a lot more out of your daily ride. Read at the Adrenalist..

Near indestructible running shoes

Rugged terrain puts you in need of equally durable running shoes, and these are the best of the best.

The perfect long distance running shoe offers lightweight protection while allowing you to get you over, through and around any hurdle that dares get in your way. As you head down the road or off the beaten trail, these long distance running shoes will make sure you are performing at maximum levels.

Here are the most durable long distance running shoes. Read at the Adrenalist..

Bossaball mixes furious acrobatics with volleyball and soccer

Bossaball combines a slew of extreme sports into one unbelievable, acrobatic game.

Discovery News describes Bossaball as “the coolest acrobatic game you’ve never heard of,” and Outrageous Sports says that Bossaball combines the most epic components of other sports into a single super-sport. Bossaball is a sport every extreme athlete should be playing.Read at the Adrenalist..

Best wingsuit training schools in the US

Wingsuit flying requires expert precision, unrivaled skills and a deep understanding of your gear – all of which the top wingsuit training schools can instill in you before your first jump.

Read at the Adrenalist..


Powercap LED lighted caps

Running, cycling and overall adventuring at night just became incredibly easier with the Powercap LED lighted caps by Panther Vision.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Where there’s a will there’s a long, long wait

Long life comes with a cost: picture all the geriatric parents whose healthcare-boosted resilience means their children end up awaiting their inheritance indefinitely.

Financial planner Peter Blatt has several clients hoping to net big bequests soon. ”Probably 10 per cent of my clients first come to my office and say, ‘Here is a list of my assets – and oh, by the way, here is my $300,000 that I will inherit from my parents’,” Blatt says.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Futsal for beginners – the ultimate guide

Futsal, the fast-paced form of indoor soccer, is just as technical as its outdoor counterpart, but you’ll need a different mindset and a slew of different skills to excel at this intense sport.

The constraints and slippy surface of the arena spur performance, once you know what you are doing. With the right knowledge and practice, anyone can excel at futsal. Better yet, the skills developed here will follow a player to the traditional soccer field.

Here is the ultimate futsal beginners’ guide. Read at the Adrenalist..

Deadliest apex predators in the U.S

The term “apex predator” is often associated with the beasts that roam the Sahara in Africa or the rain forests of South America, but some of the world’s deadliest animals can be found right in the U.S. Brush up on these dangerous hunters before your next adventure, or you may find yourself in an unescapable scenario.

Here are the deadliest apex predator’s in the U.S.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Adidas smart soccer system

At the elite level even the slightest advantage can have a massive impact on performance. Enter the Adidas miCoach Elite Team System. The sports wizardry that includes a Smart soccer ball and high-tech cleats is the latest advancement in performance monitoring, gauging vital physiological data of a team in real time. Read at the Adrenalist..

5 best surf spots in the US

Surfers looking for the best places to surf need not look further than the monster waves of U.S. beaches.

Few countries boast more of the best surf spots than the U.S. In particular, Hawaii and California are blessed with dozens of iconic beaches. Check out our 5 top surfing spots in the U.S. – special places that serve up a breathtaking mixture of tide, wind and swell. Read at the Adrenalist..

Essential skydiving terms for beginners

Skydiving is one of the most dynamic and adrenaline-pumping sports around, but jumping out of a plane takes more than just grit – you’ll need a bit of technical knowledge before your leap.

To make sure you are properly prepared for the big drop, brush up on this vital skydiving jargon and get better acquainted with the technical lingo before you plunge through the clouds. When your instructor yells for you to cut away after a box man goes wrong, you’ll want to know what he means. Read at the Adrenalist..

Hang gliding vs paragliding

Hang gliding and paragliding may be close cousins, but the two sports have all kinds of differences. To cut through the complexity and find the right sport for you, check out our hang gliding vs paragliding comparison that distinguishes one aerial sport from the other.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Oru Kayak: the portable folding kayak

Lugging your kayak to a far-away destination for an adventure has always been a hassle – until now. The Oru Kayak, an origami-inspired folding kayak, is here to remedy the woes of water-bound adventurers.

Read at the Adrenalist..

24-hour adventures

Making the most of your day is as simple as getting as much hiking, climbing and overall adventuring out of your 24 hours awake as possible. Read at the Adrenalist..

Most dangerous snakes in the US

The menacing look of a snake comes naturally – the smooth scaly body, forked tongue and giant fangs are designed to do more than just intimidate. Most snakes, however, are not that dangerous, and if you leave them alone they won’t harm you. If you tread on or inadvertently corner one, however, you may be in trouble.

Here are the 3 most dangerous snakes in the U.S. Avoid these formidable predators at all costs. Read at the Adrenalist..

No poo movement advocates suds-free haircare

Despite its squeaky-clean marketing image, shampoo has a snake oil side. So say proponents of the “no poo movement”.

Regular shampooing is counterproductive, they say, because, in reaction, your scalp just makes more of the natural oil called sebum – spurring a vicious cycle.

There had never been a time that he didn’t have a cracked, peeling, itchy, dry scalp
Leanna cappucci, mother and coach

The theory goes that you should skip applying industrial shampoo and instead enlist a milder substance.


Read at the South China Morning Post.

Best trail running shoes

Taking your running routine off-road means picking up a sturdy pair of trail running shoes.

Modern trail running shoes use less fabric, but give you more support on the tougher terrain. Before you leave the streets and head for the hills, take a look at some great examples of the new generation of off-road footwear.

Here are 5 best trail running shoes for men. Read at the Adrenalist..

Eliminate wheel bite

Wheel bite occurs during a sharp turn or hard landing. The board’s base dips or tilts just low enough for the wheels to start scraping against it, causing wear and tear on the board itself, its wheels and, sometimes, the rider. A particular bad case of wheel bite can send a rider flying off his board, which is exactly what happened to Wheel Shields inventor, Chase Kaczmarek.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Most incredible caves

The mystery and wonder of Earth’s caves are rivaled only by their opportunity for adventure.

Few sights are more majestic than a deep, dark, cave network threaded with ancient, craggy limestone structures. Since the dawn of civilization, man has been beguiled by the magic of caves. They form a world of dazzling beauty and mystery carved over thousands of years by the passage of water over rock.

Often not fully explored, these caves definitely rank as magnificent. Read at the Adrenalist..

ATM skimming – what you should know

Your routine trip to the local ATM could have a shocking cost if you aren’t careful. The reason: in a practice known as ”skimming”, thieves mount pirate card readers and pinhole cameras on automated teller machines to swipe credentials.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Best wingsuits

Wingsuit pilots make defying gravity a daily occurrence, but it’s the wingsuits themselves that make it possible.

Wingsuits are sometimes called birdman suits, flying squirrel suits, or bat suits, and it’s easy to see why. Just a few years ago, the wingsuits used today seemed like gear out of a sci-fi movie, once thought impossible. The one defining feature all wingsuits have in common is their signature shape. This aerodynamic design allows Adrenalists to soar through the air, whether it be with the grace of a bird or the intensity of a jet.

Here are five of the best wingsuit models on the market.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Best wilderness survival kits

The right survival kit could mean the difference between life and death in the isolated wilderness.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Catching rays at work

If you thought solar power necessarily means panels bolted to the rafters, think again. Just ask Perth businessman Victor Rosenberg, the brains behind a potentially revolutionary sustainable energy invention called TropiGlas.

In essence a hair-thin film sandwiched between two sheets of glass, TropiGlas lets 80 per cent of all visible light into a building while capturing and “harvesting” more than 90 per cent of ultraviolet and infrared light.

The rogue rays are then converted to electricity usable for lighting, cooling and heating. Smart.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Mining for magic dust

Tattooed entertainment tycoon Ashley Sutton worked his way up from the bottom: the pits of the Pilbara. Now, Sutton, who has won wide media coverage, borders on famous but by his own admission is no people-person. Speaking from his adopted city of Bangkok, the brawny, profanity-prone part-time fantasy author says he should be more outgoing, only he finds socialising “very stressful”. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..




Best gravel grinding races

Developed mainly in the Midwest, gravel grinding is a hardcore, long-distance bicycle sport conducted on bone-jarring terrain. Anything from low-grade chip-seal to dirt to gravel backroads are game. Gravel grinding is one of the world’s most physical sports – you feel every rut and rock that gets in your way. Because it is such a blast and a great workout, gravel grinding has ballooned in popularity.

Here are the best gravel grinding races. Read at the Adrenalist..

Best waterfall hucking videos

Welcome to the extreme sport of waterfall hucking. Hucking, or the act of hurling down a waterfall, is all about finding the biggest, baddest drop and taking your kayak or raft down it. Adrenalists interested in the sport need only to ride a waterfall over the edge of a cliff with the help of some froth. Here are the 5 waterfall hucking videos with the most extreme drops on the planet. Read at the Adrenalist..

America’s Cup 2013 speeds through San Francisco

The America’s Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about two monster wing-sailed catamarans going head-to-head in open waters. Read at the Adrenalist..

Five best solar power chargers for adventuring

Know what solar power charges are available for you before stepping into the wilderness to DO:MORE, they just may save your life.

Come prepared with the right gear, and a good solar-powered generator means you can take care of yourself in any situation. Don’t worry about the noise, fuel or fumes of a traditional power source. This is good for the environment, your gear and your body.

Here are the best solar power chargers for you to consider for your journey backcountry. Read at the Adrenalist..

Most devastating exploding lakes

Dissolved carbon dioxide is causing eruptions in some African lakes, and the powerful force below the surface is like a ticking time bomb.

Exploding lakes are a very real, if rare, part of natural phenomena. The Earth is host to just three exploding lakes: Lake Monoun, Lake Nyos and Lake Kivu, all of which can be found in Africa. The reason that these lakes have been known to explode is the murky, volcanic involvement with various dreaded greenhouse gases, in particular carbon dioxide, that bubbles beneath the surface.

Read at the Adrenalist..

The scoop on Earth’s best friend

Could dog poo or a solar sponge help a carbon-choked world? David Wilson speaks to innovators who have stepped on some inventive green ideas.

In light of spiralling carbon dioxide levels swelled by our 200-year binge on fossil fuel, the need for clean energy seems increasingly urgent.

So, here we highlight the work of two of Australia’s most inventive green engineers.


Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Nice guys finish first

Nice guys can finish first

Generosity begets business benefits, so give and watch the rewards flood in, writes David Wilson.

Financial adviser Peter Audet plays a star role in the blockbuster business guide Give and Take by Wharton business school whiz Adam Grant.

In the guide, which highlights the boomerang value of giving, Audet is painted as an outstanding businessman.


Read at the Sydney Morning Herald

Best stunt plane videos

Most dream of the skies, but these 5 stunt plane videos showcase daring pilots that take to them with heart-pounding stunts that thrill audiences.


Read at the Adrenalist..

5 most incredible canyons on earth

Of the Earth’s natural wonders, the jaw dropping beauty and size of its canyons, carved into the planet’s crust, might be its most incredible.

Canyons have been carved out at glacial speed over millennia or more. Sometimes, it takes millions of years for rivers to make these breathtaking and gigantic natural sculptures. Here are the five most striking canyons elegantly carved into the Earth. Read at the Adrenalist..

Best night vision goggles and binoculars

Who says pitch darkness has to stop you from adventuring at night?

Night vision technology that was once only accessible to the military is now available to Adrenalists everywhere. We’ve examined the field and picked out four top night vision devices that can give you owl-like vision, and let you DO:MORE even in the middle of the night.

Take a look at the best night vision goggles, binoculars and scopes on the market. Read at the Adrenalist..

Most dangerous reptiles in the world

If you’re off adventuring around the world, these are reptiles and monster lizards you most definitely do not want to run into.

The creatures on this list are as close to modern-day dinosaurs as it gets. These dangerous reptiles pose a threat to all species of prey, humans and wildlife alike. Read at the Adrenalist..



Potential profits in learning to love the undervalued

In the new Martin Scorsese drama The Wolf of Wall Street, a crazed trader strikingly conveys the volatile nature of trading. “Nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles,” the trader, Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey), says. Read at The Age.




The five most amazing natural wonders in the US

The U.S. is home to its own natural wonders, some of which may be in your very own backyard.

If you live in the U.S., it is easy to forget the eye-popping canyons, springs and meteorite craters, among other marvels, right next door. Join us on a recon of the U.S. to discover the most dazzling natural wonders of America – earthy oddities remarkable for their stunning geometry and the glacial forces that carved them. Read at the Adrenalist..

Five best GPS watches and trackers

The GPS network consists of 24 satellites catapulted into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was originally intended for military applications, but in the 1980s, the government made the system open to anyone.

GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere on Earth, 24/7. We may not usually consider it, but there are no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS, which must be one of the coolest technologies ever invented.

Read at the Adrenalist..

Why expensive wine is a waste of money

So you think you can tell fine wine from plonk without reading the label? You might be deluded because, economists say, our grasp of wine’s class and worth is shaky. Several scathing studies suggest we are suckers for mystique and marketing – the price tag-driven power of suggestion.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Best baseball pitching machines

If you want to develop your batting eye, you’ll need a pitching machine more accurate than the top players in the big leagues.

You can’t always count on a partner to be throwing to you at batting practice. Sometimes, you’ll need a trusty piece of equipment to keep your swing on point. Baseball pitching machines can also help you up the ante and get some guaranteed challenging deliveries from different speeds or awkward angles. Read at the Adrenalist..


How to write your own will

Half of all Australians die without a will, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, meaning the law decides where your assets go, potentially favouring relatives you resent.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Daredevil Nik Wallenda crosses Grand Canyon gorge on highwire

Nik Wallenda‘s superhuman balance went up against the Little Colorado River Gorge, located near the Grand Canyon, on June. 23 and came out on top.  Read at the Adrenalist..

World’s most breathtaking geysers

Few natural occurrences are more impressive than a geyser’s repeated eruption.

A geyser’s eruption pans out as a stunning visual event with a powerful, sulfurous stench and mass of heat. A good geyser engages all the senses.

Few people, however, could name more than one or two. Come with us on a recon of the world’s most breathtaking geysers – giant plumes of wrath bursting out of the earth. Read at the Adrenalist..


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