Ten tips to lower your blood pressure

You know the routine: you walk into the examining room, perch on the table, and roll up your sleeve. Your healthcare practitioner inflates the cuff until it feels oppressively snug.

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Book review: The Collapse of Western Civilisation

Cast your mind forward to the year 2393. From that vantag, a fictional scholar representing an imagined future China – the Second People’s Republic – laments how the Enlightenment’s children ditched reason during the early 21st century.


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Book review: Own Your Future

Chinese sage Lao Zi once said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” That borderline cliché has assumed new relevance, it seems. Read at the South China Morning Post..

Botanist Margaret Lowman urges children to muddy their boots

Unlike other botanists who plant their feet in the dirt, Dr Margaret Lowman  pursues high adventure. The so-called ‘‘mother of canopy research’’ has designed walkways and hot-air balloons for the purpose, becoming a legend in the process – another of her nicknames is the ‘‘Einstein of the treetops’’.

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Book review: Carnival China: China in the Era of Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping

A 2009 public survey by the state-owned magazine Xiaokang revealed that local government officials were less trusted than prostitutes, writes China wonk Kerry Brown.


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The pleasure of making money for others

Always keen on running, “Forrest Gump-style”, fresh-faced, Top End fund-raiser Tony Burns has channelled his energy into a range of roles: professional tennis player, iron-man, ultra-marathoner, hotelier, even rock-paper-scissors champion after accepting a bar room invitation to try his hand in 2010.

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Cyber criminals are out to get you

Cyber criminals deliberately target “silver surfer” seniors, according to research conducted by the security firm McAfee.

Worse, one in five silver surfers has fallen prey to online fraud, McAfee says.

The practice of ripping off seniors seems unforgivably mean. Here are some tips on how to detect and counter the increasingly sophisticated scams that can decimate your savings.


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