How starring in Miss Tiffany’s pageant show can change a Thai trans beauty queen’s life

The annual Miss Tiffany’s Universe Pageant is a celebration of the nation’s ‘trans’ population and works to promote human rights and fight discrimination. Read at the South China Morning Post.

Book review: what you learn from working 12 years at New York’s Museum of Sex

From animal masturbation to celebrity encounters to an examination of societal sexual expectations, anthropologist Sarah Forbes’ book is a juicy read from cover to cover. Read the review at the South China Morning Post.

One Girl founder Chantelle Baxter explains why African education matters

The story begins with an African beggar called Brenda. Future education activist Chantelle Baxter came across Brenda on a West Africa research trip in 2010.

“When I met her, she’d been on the streets for two days. Spat on, kicked, abused. Shoved out of the way. Why? Because she was a girl who dared to ask for the opportunity to go to school,” says Melbourne-based Baxter, 31.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Book review: Escape to Pagan – a Hong Kong family’s amazing wartime survival tale

Jack Devereux was shot in the head in Hong Kong by the invading Japanese army but lived; meanwhile, his wife, son and mother-in-law sought an ancient refuge in the Burmese jungle. Incredibly, it’s all true

Read at the South China Morning Post

Book review: enter the dragon fish, the world’s most coveted aquarium treasure

Emily Voigt’s quest to understand the ‘morbid, destructive’ allure of a fish that can change hands for US$150,000 a time took her to 15 countries and resulted in a book that’s part true-crime yarn and part pop-science explainer. Read at the South China Morning Post.

All the world’s a stage

Theatre expert Tim Fitzpatrick has done his research and discovered London’s Globe is just a tad bigger than it should be.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Emotion in the Ocean

Being prone to seasickness hasn’t deterred a veteran marine biologist from pursuing a great career.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.


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