Is banking getting too complicated?

Despite its much-publicised convenience, internet banking can be incredibly irksome. You may need to supply your username, password, and a security token number cranked out by the dongle you keep in a drawer – that is after logging in to the dinky device itself, if you know its password.

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iPhone as therapist? Apps claiming to boost mental health flood market

It was only a matter of time before therapy apps emerged. And while the software can be useful, many professionals warn of its limitations

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Remembering Upton Sinclair’s 1906 exposé of meat trade, The Jungle

Next time you have a bad day at the office, just be glad you don’t work in the slaughterhouse described in the exposé The Jungle. Read at the South China Morning Post .

Aboriginal Corporation director Peter Cooley gives hope to Indigenous people

Aboriginal leader Peter Cooley wants to see respect and tolerance between white and Indigenous Australians.
Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Hope for homeless comes bundled up in a swag

The founder of a charity manufacturing and providing backpack beds to the homeless reckons to succeed in such a field you need stupidity (not to quit), determination and motivation.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Smart larks make a dawn start

What time do you get up in the morning? An early start has long been seen as a virtuous choice, but it might also be a worthwhile one when it comes to your earning potential. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Book review: Tame Your Inner Critic – be glad about life’s good bits

American reiki master and psychic healer’s latest self-help guide urges readers to find their internal wisdom, but some may find her ideas wacky or even absurd. Read at the South China Morning Post (


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