Can you thrive on one meal a day?

Experts digest the pros and cons of the one meal a day.

Read at the South China Morning Post (

Death of the tax return?

However organised you are, filing a tax return is a boring chore you may see as inevitable, but just look at Britain.  Next year, Britain plans to scrap standard, complex tax returns for a pay-as-you-go digital service — a “one-stop-shop” designed to cut the annual grind to 10 minutes.

Read at the Melbourne Age..

A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories by Ray Bradbury William Morrow

Thunder in this outlandish story stems from the steps of a monster: a dinosaur, whose reputation precedes it. Read at the South China Morning Post (

Chinese demand for bear-bile keeps Free the Bears director Nev Broadis busy

No two bear rescues are ever the same, says zoologist and conservationist Nev Broadis.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Do smart people worry more?

If you worry a lot, fear not—your anxiety just might be a sign of high intelligence. The idea has been around for a while: The adage that ignorance is bliss suggests the reverse, that knowledge involves anguish. Now it’s starting to get some scientific validation. Read on Slate.

O’Shea expands engineering’s borders

Mad writer, world record holder and engineer, Julian O’Shea is a true renaissance man out to show what engineering can achieve in fighting poverty. Read at the Melbourne Age..

When disease breaks out, a group of flying Australian epidemiologists comes to the rescue.

Australian National University’s Dr Martyn Kirk fights disease, saves lives every day. Read at the Melbourne Age..


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