Review: On Cats gathers Charles Bukowski’s reflections on the creatures he loved most

The laureate of liquor reveals a seldom-seen softer side when he writes about his feline friends

American lowlife laureate Charles Bukowski is back from the dead. This new book by the boozy seer, who died in 1994, gathers some of his most telling reflections on the creature he loved – the cat.

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What to look for when you’re buying mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes are more than just pests that cause itchy welts. They carry killer diseases including malaria. Mosquitoes also transmit “break-bone fever”, or dengue, and pass on parasitic “filarial” worms that can cause major swelling that requires amputation.

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How it feels to get burned on the stockmarket – one investor’s hard-learned advice

The tumult on the share markets this week is a reminder to all investors of just how treacherous trading can be.

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Doubts remain about the effectiveness of ginseng

Ginseng has a reputation as a wonder herb with various benefits that include boosting immunity and energy, but doubts remain about its effectiveness.. Read at the South China Morning Post.

Caring for crocs in downtown Dubai

Paul Hamilton, the aquarium curator caring for crocs in downtown Dubai.

When you’ve got salties and big sharks in your charge, you can sometimes get a salary to match. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

A cashless economy? Where’s the catch?

The unbridled capitalism that drove the Pope to demand a new economic order may seem unavoidable, but some Australians live gladly on almost no cash.

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Is banking getting too complicated?

Despite its much-publicised convenience, internet banking can be incredibly irksome. You may need to supply your username, password, and a security token number cranked out by the dongle you keep in a drawer – that is after logging in to the dinky device itself, if you know its password.

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