Book review: Among the Headhunters – amazing true story of wartime grit in Burma

On August 2, 1943, a twin-engined C-46 plane broke down over Japanese-occupied Burma. Nobody aboard had used a parachute before, which meant everyone on the dicey “hump route” between India and China needed to learn the ropes fast. Read at the South China Morning Post 

Planetary professor Phil Bland thanks his lucky stars

Imagine chasing flashes of bright, white light for a living. Sporadically, Curtin University planetary science professor Phil Bland, 46, does just that, tailing fireballs across the desert. His work is wonderful, he says, even when he feels at a low ebb or “knackered”.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald

Book review – CEO, China: The Rise of Xi Jinping by Kerry Brown – ‘peasant emperor’ in spotlight

China expert Kerry Brown traces the ascent of China’s president, from manure carrier to conduit of the country’s hopes in a book that’s too deferential and could have used more personal insights. Read at the South China Morning Post.

Clive Berghofer: an early bird who gets the worm – but he gives a lot away as well

Even now, aged 81, self-made multimillionaire Clive Berghofer starts work at 6.30am sharp. Committed to giving back to the community, the big-hearted real-estate mogul says he has already donated $80 million to charity.

“And I’ll give away a lot more before I’m finished,” says the Toowoomban, who cites commonsense as the key trait his work requires – he has never put things on paper.

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald

Book review: fighting Bruce Lee and other stories from 4 decades of Chinatown history

Imagine challenging Bruce Lee to a fight. After meeting the Hong Kong-raised prodigy in 1959 in Seattle, Japanese-American fighter Tak Kimura did just that. Read at the South China Morning Post.

How starring in Miss Tiffany’s pageant show can change a Thai trans beauty queen’s life

The annual Miss Tiffany’s Universe Pageant is a celebration of the nation’s ‘trans’ population and works to promote human rights and fight discrimination. Read at the South China Morning Post.

Book review: what you learn from working 12 years at New York’s Museum of Sex

From animal masturbation to celebrity encounters to an examination of societal sexual expectations, anthropologist Sarah Forbes’ book is a juicy read from cover to cover. Read the review at the South China Morning Post.


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