Disruptive DNA: Groundswell for mobile health

Founder Jennifer Xu shares her secrets on bringing a successful mHealth (mobile health) app to the Chinese market. Read at ANZ Your World.

Disruptive DNA: East Coast Cool

Innovator Bunny Yan, 34, runs an upcycling platform all about turning trash – or oddments – into striking new, eco-friendly products. Yan’s Shanghai-based startup, “The Squirrelz”, which raised US $417,000 in seed funding, has won glowing coverage and even scored her a visit to the White House.

Read at ANZ Your World.


Chief information officers typically take a high-tech approach to cyber security, unwisely ignoring a crucial, familiar presence: staff. Read at Telstra In:Sight.

With big data comes great responsibility

Big companies are capturing ever more user data – petabytes of the stuff that end up stowed in the cloud. The question now is how leaders can cultivate trust amid widespread concern about prying and data loss. Read at Telstra In:Sight.

Hemp ice-cream a tempting treat

That sober strain of cannabis called hemp amounts to much more than weed.

Enterprising Mullumbimby ecologist Paul Benhaim, 44, says: “Hemp is the most versatile and eco-friendly substance on the planet.” Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Why a playful attitude is good for business

Spit Junction thought leader Patricia McMillan, 45, is on a quest to transform mindless grind into meaningful progress. McMillan’s approach comes down to language. According to her blog, we have been programmed to communicate in an analytical, left-brain style. In step, we default to dehumanised business speak.
Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Innovation by numbers: classic, complementary techniques

Innovation is a tricky business. No single solution has enough scope to generate revolutionary progress. There’s no magic bullet – it takes many iterations.

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